Free Shipping on all orders in the Continental USA .


 Can I pick up my order? No. At this time all orders are placed via our website and will be shipped directly to you

⦁ How many ounces are in each bundle of Vivacious V Hair? Each of our bundles are approximately 4.0 ounces
⦁ Do we ship internationally?  
Yes. Vivacious V Hair ships worldwide.
⦁ How long does shipping take?  
Typically hair is delivered within 6-8 business days. Except on holidays where shipping may take slightly longer.
⦁ When will my Vivacious V hair be shipped? 
Hair that is ordered by 5pm that business day will begin to be processed within 24-48 hours and then shipped out within 5 business days.
⦁ How many bundles do I need to order? 
Typically you need 2-3 bundles for a full head. If you need your hair to be very full then you might need 4 bundles.
⦁ What type of closures does Vivacious V hair sells?
We offer lace based closures. Our closures allow you to part in multiple directions. Closures are sold separately from bundles.
⦁ How long will my installation last?
The virgin hair can last for a very long time depending on how you maintain it.  Treat it like your own hair and take good care of it for longevity. For some, it can last for over 6-8 weeks. For others, they generally like to remove it based on their hair growth. Generally people prefer virgin hair extension because its easier to manage and it last longer than
other kinds of hair.

⦁ What type of hair care products should I use?
Treat this hair better than your own hair. Use very good quality shampoo and conditioner. Conditioning  your hair is the most important factor to keeping it soft and manageable!
⦁ Before Using Hair are there any special instructions?
    1.  Shampoo and condition your virgin hair extension prior installing.
    2. Wash in cool water.
    3. When washing your hair extension do not massage or twist the hair.
    4. Apply a generous amount of conditioner.
    5. Do not apply conditioner to areas where the extensions are attached.
    6. After washing, allow to air dry (don’t roll or rub hair into a towel)