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Caring for your Extensions

Posted on March 23, 2016 by 99744789

Beautiful woman brushing her long hair As a busy woman on the go, taking the time to have the perfect head of hair is more of a luxury than many of us would prefer. So understanding how to properly, yet effortlessly, care for your extensions is crucial to maintaining gorgeous movement and shine. As your hair experts, Vivacious V has some great tips for extending the life of your extensions. One of the biggest mistakes many extension wearers make is using excessive hair products, which can make the hair look lifeless, limp and dull. Be sure to always choose high-quality hair products from a salon or other premium beauty supply store, and then use them sparingly. To properly maintain your extensions, start out with good cleansing products. A gentle clarifying shampoo once a month will help remove environmental and product buildup. For everyday maintenance, use a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo and a light conditioner. And be sure to continue to take care of your own hair. A clean and healthy scalp promotes hair growth, so washing your hair regularly is crucial.  We encourage using leave-in treatments even when your extensions are in. When washing your hair, be sure to detangle first. Start at the ends and work your way up. Be very gentle and hold the base of your extensions to minimize tension. After applying the shampoo, do not bunch the hair, as doing so will cause the hair to tangle. To reduce added pressure on your scalp, squeeze out excess water when lathering and rising. Ensure that the base of your extensions is dried properly, especially if you start out with a crow row base. Avoid alcohol-based styling products. These will cause your extensions to become dry and brittle. Also avoid using excessive heat on your extensions, and be sure to apply a heat protection serum prior to using a heated styling tool. Have your extensions tightened periodically as a means to extend their life and reduce potential injury. Exceedingly loose extension can severely damage your scalp. Following these simple tips will help ensure that the luster and bounce of your extensions will keep up with your busy lifestyle.

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